About A. Gamer Studios

Origin Story

A Gamer Studios has been around for about 2 years now. The idea came to me when I was first learning the unity development engine. Back then I was a student at ETSU studying Information Technology. Now I have graduated and I have moved onto bigger and better things. However, my passion for playing a building games has never gone away. That is why I started this website. I wanted to self publish my games and I wanted to share my opinions with anyone who would take the time to hear them. For right now this is a one man shop, but it’s my goal to assemble a team of developers, artists, and writers that will work together to bring our games to life.

World Map

Studio Updates

This is where I will post updates regarding general A Gamer Studios information.

Dev. Chat

Here are my Bi-Monthly posts dedicated to thoughts worth reading.


This is a list of games made by the studio and what their status are. Each game is marked with a blogging tag and that’s how you can view any blogging articles about those games.

Team Members

Head Developer:
Amos Garner
Amos is the main content writer for our Dev. Chat section of the site. He is also the lead developer on our games.
Content Editor:
Alex Macomber
Alex is our public relations officer and our site's content moderator.
Game Tester:
Joe "Demonripper" Driggers
Joe is our testing and quality assurance guy. He tests all our games as they reach specific points in the development life cycle.
Hype Man:
Kody Khaos
Kody is our hype man. He runs around our local community representing AGS.

Tools of The Trade

Right now I am using the Unity engine and the C# coding language to build my games. However, I have started a developer’s course on Udemy.com to learn the Unreal engine and C++ coding language. I use Photoshop/Blender to create my visual assets and Bfxr/audacity for my auditory assets.