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What Is It?

Udemy Header     Udemy is a fantastic educational archive that offers a plentiful array of courses ranging from game design/development to business. Most of there courses are priced in the 200 dollar range (More on that in the next section), however they do offer several free courses for you to sample their course layout. When going through a course you are provided all the resources and instructions needed to complete the course and receive your completion certificate. They also provide the student with a discussion panel for you to chat the course instructor and your fellow classmates. While their courses are pretty steep in price I think they are very rich in content and are ultimately a good value. Cost wise, they are about half what you would pay for an elective in a standard 4 year university. Plus you can learn at your own pace on your own time.

How I got Into It?

Udemy Black Friday advertisement      Udemy features some fantastic sales around the holiday season. They recently put on a black Friday sale for people to get a full course ($200) for $12. So at first I was skeptical and I sure as hell was not about to spend $200 on a gamble, but when I saw the sale I thought to myself. Hell I’ve spent more than that $12 at Wendy's. So I took the risk and purchase three courses from Udemy after sampling some of their free content.

Courses I'm Taking:

     I chose to do a 3 course load totaling up to about 40 dollars when it was all said and done. I’m working through both the Unreal and Unity courses right now and I am loving it. Since I had been using Unity for the last few years I tried that one first. From the very beginning the 2 instructors Ben Tristem & Sam Pattuzzi taught me things that I didn’t even know existed in the Unity software. I have recently started the Unreal courses learning C++. While the 2 engines share similarities they offer extremely different work flows.     The Unreal course has been more of a challenge, but the instructors have guided me through each module, and they have provided the appropriate amount of context to each lesson that I feel I truly understand why I am doing the things I’m doing.

Course Results:

     While following the Unity course modules I constructed my very first visual short story based off of their Prison Break text adventure game. That module in particular taught me had to build a state machine using the Unity C# scripting engine. While the game was rather short it helped me understand how to build a story flow system for player to traverse. This was one of the first modules covered in the Unity course, and I’m already seeing improvements in the way I build games. The games section of this blog is coming soon, and when it’s here you will be able to play the game I created while taking the course and judge the results for yourself.

Final Thoughts

    I am thrilled with the content that I received from Udemy, however I would strongly advise that you wait for a sale before dropping $200 on any online course. The content is fantastic, but I’ve only been through 2 of the 3 courses that I bought. While I am aware that there is a ton of free content out there describing the same techniques I’m learning, these courses have provided context into the technique. They have allowed me to learn and not memorize the lessons that are offered. If you are hesitant to spend money on an online course just remember, you have probably spent more at a fast food joint, and when has a burger ever taught you a skill that you can make a career out of?