Show and Tell 2.13.17!!

So, you all remember how a couple weeks ago I posted about not having anything to show or talk about because I was so busy working on a secret project? Well Today, I would like to officially unveil my most recent project and give you a brief skinny on what's been brewing up in my lab.

Right now the game is called Action RPG Episode 1. (Oh my god that is a terrible name) Well don't worry all, that name is just a placeholder until I can come up with a better name. Or, maybe later on down the road I'll let you guys name the game? That would be pretty sweet right!? So by now I'm sure your wondering what the game is about. So below I'm posting a little excerot from my early stages game design document. That should give you a pretty good idea of the plot.


Our hero must travel through the slime forest on the outskirts of his village to slay the hideous monster lurking in the lost ruins located deep within the slime forest. Does he do this because of a lost princess or a stolen item? No, he does this because he seeks the path of the sword and wishes to gain honor for his family within the kingdom.

A monster, kill it!!

These are some enemies that I've cooked up for you the player to knock down and kill while your roaming through the slime forests (working name) in search of fame and glory. For now the slimes come in Green, Blue, and Purple. While, they may look the same each of them offers something new for the player to tackle.

Dying SlimeMoving SlimeHurt Slime
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That's all I have for now, but I'll be back soon with some more updates on Action RPG Episode 1. (I promise I'll try and get a better working title before then).

Thank you all for reading!!
     A. Garner