RIP Concrete Jungle

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post to you all. I had mentioned previously in my New Year's Post that I would be releasing a game called Concrete Jungle soon. Well, I have decided to pull the plug on Concrete Jungle for the time being. This project has spanned the last 6 weeks, and in this last week it stagnated and became corrupted during a recent data transfer. The source code is recoverable, and maybe I will bring it back later. However, I believe that it would be better for you guys, the studio, and myself if I let this project go and focus on building some new tools and systems for future games.

During this last week I have done a lot of self searching to find my weaknesses and I believe it is time for me to focus on fixing some of them. Once I have more confidence in my abilities and a better game development workflow The studios will be able to produce games unlike anything it's produced in the past. My goal is to take this from arcade style games to more story driven games. I want people to not only play our games, but experience them.

A. Gamer